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MOROCCAN CASE STUDY SITE - Oued Tahaddart Lagoon

This study site was chosen in the Moroccan Atlantic coastal area to provide a comparison with a different climatic area. It belongs to a system of river basins covering a surface of about 2740 Km≤, located in the extreme north of Morocco, with a sub-humid Mediterranean climate.

The water flow is controlled by dams to supply agriculture and urbanisation. The hydrology of the system is strictly dependent on unpredictable rainfall with no supply of underground water. The estuary of the system is regularly invaded by the tides.

The local socio-economic value of the plain lies in cattle and sheep breeding. Salt, water and sand are exploited to supply the city of Tanger. Tun catch and fishery is another important economic resource. A potentiality of the site is tourism development.

Key stakeholders identified are:

  • local breeders;

  • local fishermen;

  • tourism agencies;

  • local authorities depending on the Ministeries Interieur, PÍche, Agriculture, Eaux et ForÍts, Equipement.

Detailed presentation of the site (in French) by Partner 6.

Selected references on the site (in French) by Partner 6.

Report of the Meeting organised at the study site in November 2006.





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